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Dia de Muertos

MUDDUM will organize a collective modeled wall. It is not a secret that we were inspired by one of our Barceló's favorite performance


The idea for the workshop is basically a wall made of clay around 1,3m high and not sure yet how long, probably at least 3m.

People will model in the wall making a collective work, half performance half sculpture. Since we expect the weather to be winterlike we will teach people to sculpt using sticks and wooden tools (leaving to their choice to use bare hands). Also we will provide formičky and shapes to stamp upon it. They are free to model, scratch, punch, poke or write whatever they like.

We think that clay and wall are both very universal, primitive and polysemic words that makes the project totally open to individual interpretations. Adobe, soil, ceramic. The connection with the "world under the earth" is pretty obvious. this will connect directly to our altar:


We have asked all muddumers to make their own 6x6cm portrait of someone in clay. We will hang them on a structure frame in a very simple and elegant way. A ode to people we love, to the diversity of styles and variety of people.


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