THEME: No Theme, Can Be Any Story

DATE: 28 - April - 2016


TIME: 21:00


Muddum proudly presents SPILL THE BEANS! This event was inspired by a Dublin (Ireland) based project called Milk and Cookie Stories. Similar, Spill The Beans is an designed for storytellers (experienced or not), script writers, creatives, listeners and should be even a useful tool for people so struggle with public speaking!  You are all welcome! Once every two weeks Spill The Beans will host a THEME based storytelling evening in different locations around Prague City. Here is a breakdown of what to expect on the night::


- Some of the events are themed based. Example; 'Home' is the first. 

- People will be asked on entry if they would like to tell a story.

- Each story has a time limit of 5 minutes. 

- Stories can be in expressed in a traditional or comtemporary storytelling style: word of mouth, poetry, accompanied by an instrument, open      performances, with original creations, folk tales, true-life stories and fiction based stories both told and read, etc etc...

- Every Spill The Beans will be hosted in a different location around Prague city.

- Everyone who tells a story will get a FREE TIN OF BEANS and shot of SLIVOVICE!


Another exciting element of Spill the Beans is; each event will be audio recorded so that people can listen back to each event. In addition, there will be an artist who will be making live drawing of each story (graphic harvesting) and this artwork can be seen also on the website after every event. We print these posters and can be bought by contacting us directlly here on the website or at any event. 

So come! Tell a tale, or don't. Read a story, or just listen. If there is a story inside you, don't be shy, spill the beans and tell us everything! :)




Day 2

The artwork done during the event was done by Max Chandler

Klub Famu

Day 1

The artwork done during the event was done by Eva Stříbrská


Kostelní 24

Praha 7

170 00



Muddum Art Space is supported by Prague 7

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