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Zažít město jinak

Muddum is a community arts space in Prague aiming to promote interactions, dialogue and 'encounters' between different cultures through art and creativity. We are a project of the Club of Friends and Fine Arts (KPIVU) and first opened our doors on June 13th 2004 after two months of hard reconstruction, with the support of the European Youth Programme. But the history of the Muddum idea goes back further. We are a registered civic association and a volunteer hosting organisation for the European Volunteer Service and run art workshops and events for both adults and children.


We also organise cultural events such as concerts and film screenings in cooperation with local and international environmental, humanitarian, artistic and social groups. As well as selling unique handcrafted ceramics by Muddum resident artists, our gallery also show-cases work from amateur and professional artists working with different types of art medium. As well as our existing programme we are always open to cooperate with new people and try out new ideas, so whether you'd like to have your own exhibition, try to create a new art course, become an EVS volunteer, organise a film screening or outreach night, or get a poetry group going, we look forward to hearing from you!


For some reviews about us in the media, including an article in the Prague Post,

see our reviews section.


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