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“I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.” 

Hello world! My name is Gary Boyd and I believe in creative movement. On the 1st of July (nervously close), I will embark on my adventure ''Finding My Way Home''. 

I will cycle from Czech Republic to Ireland (with a wee boat trip in between). The plan is to record musicians (audio and visual) and from this, to make approximately a 1 hour long piece of music. Below is a little breakdown of how I will approach the idea and what I might ask when we meet each other :)


- Meet people who love listening/playing music.

- Record(audio and visual) of them playing their instruments or using voice.

- Together we will try to create/add samples, layers, patterns, melodies. These ideas are influenced by the previous people and act like building blocks for future musicians along the trip.

- THE GOAL; to make one piece of music from all musicians that I meet along the way. (Approximately 1hr long)

I described the project to my good friend Joe LaCorte, a fantastic guitarist from New York and this was his response; ''Dig the idea man. I can't comprehend what kind of a piece of music you'll have by the end but it's already got my mind buzzing..a somewhat instrumentally cohesive suite/avant garde multi textural piece of sound art/aural equivalent of a travelogue. Limitless possibilities.''

I am looing for all types of musicians; amatuers, professionals, alterinative styles etc! If you have passion for music and being creative, I want you in the project! 

P.S. If you want to cycle with me along the way for parts of the trip, feel free to do so! 


Below, is a dictionary of sounds that I have collected along my trip. This information is updated everytime I meet a new element for the project. It is used to help the next musician get inspired and add something to the pre-existing sounds/samples or create new parts of the overall music!  

Who's Next?

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