Looking for something creative and fun for your child? At Muddum we have have a range of classes and activities for the kids to get involved in. Look at the options below to find which activity suits your child. Our teachers speak English, Czech and Spanish.



Kids classes take place twice a week on Tuesdays(15:30-17:30) and Wednesdays (13:30-15:30).

We work with clay and we also paint, draw, cut, stick, recycle and use animation. When working with the kids, we believe it is important to show them different techniques but still allow them the freedom of imagination. 

During the classes we introduce them to different themes and cultures all around the world. For example some of these include; African, Japanese, Chinesse, Mexican, Inuits, Indian and we will travel more in the future :)

We break the classes into semesters.


Age category: 5+

Dětské dílny se konají v úterý (15:30-17:30) a středu (13:30 - 15:30)

Pracujeme s hlínou, malujeme, kreslíme, stříháme, lepíme, recyklujeme, animujeme,...

Seznamujeme děti jednak s různými technikami, ale také klademe důraz na rozvíjení jejich fantazie.

V tématických blocích cestujeme napříč kulturami. Navštívili jsme již například Afriku, Japonsko, Čínu, Mexiko, Laponsko, Indii a v budoucnu procestujeme kultury další. 

Školní rok dělíme na dvě pololetí.


Věková kategorie: 5+



Garabatos, the Art Workshop in Spanish, happens in Muddum Art Space 2 Saturdays every month from 10:30 to 14:00. The price for one session is 500 CZK. 


In our Art-language workshop kids learn Spanish through artistic activities. Our goal is to encourage creativity in children and to make learning Spanish a fun activity!

Everyone is welcome to our 3 hours workshop regardless of his or her language level.

Garabatos is for kids from 4 to 11 years old and the lessons are focused on the linguistic necessities of each child individually, as well as group tasks. The lessons are taught in Spanish, but we also can help them in English and French.


We are two teachers, Luis and Olivia, and both of us are experienced in teaching Spanish and Art to children.


Do you have a question? Do you want to register?


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On Saturday your kids will learn about various continents and cultures through artistic activities.
Art-World is starts at 10:30am and finishes at 14:00pm, it is  for kids from 5 to 11 years old. The lessons are taught in English, but we also can speak  Spanish, French and Italian.


We will explore the world through creative learning.  Focusing on art and creative techniques we will learn about Geography, History and Anthropology.  The world is ready for you to explore!


The price is 350czk.


We are two teachers, Luis and Olivia, who have both got experience in teaching Art and culture with children.

This will be a fun activity so don't miss the workshop!


You can register your kid at



Muddum is excited to present a series of art workshops that highlight some of the most important artists of the 19th and 20th century. We will discuss and experiment with the styles used by each artist to create their masterpieces. 


These workshops are in association with Class Acts (see link below) and are designed for children aged 9+. This art club is thought in English and is an excellent opportunity to learn and have fun with various artistic methods, which have shaped the world! 


The art club takes place, one Saturday a month from 14:00 – 17:00, with the first beginning on the 10th of October.
If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are looking forward to create a masterpiece with you!



1st session: 13th Feb Modern sculpture, meeting point at 14:00 in Muddum Art Space

2nd session: 12th Mar Frantisek Kupka and Otto Gutfreund exhibition in Museum Kampa: Meeting in the courtyard of the museum at 14:00

3rd session: 9th Apr Henri Matisse, meeting point at 14:00 in Muddum Art Space

4th session: 14th May Giorgio de Chirico, meeting point at 14:00 in Muddum Art Space





K+S (Kids and Science) is the first science workshop for highly curious kids. Caution! Our workshop may have unusual secondary effects on kids such as an increased spirit of inquiry, an increased thirst for questioning absolutely everything and the emergence of uncommon scientific-experimental behaviour!

The workshop will be conducted in English (as well as Spanish) by two enthusiastic teachers.


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