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Throughout the year we offer pottery classes for all levels. During the classes, you will be thought different hand-building techniques and learn how to 'throw' on the wheel. We are fully equipped with all the tools and materials. When making your piece, you can experiment with different glazes and coloring options. Once ready, we'll fire it in our kiln and you can take it home and keep it forever.

If you are looking for inspiration, we supply a variety of books showing different techniques and designs.

We break the classes into trimesters:

> Autumn (September-December)

> Winter (January-March)

> Spring (April-June)

The cost for the trimester is 5400kc (12x450kc). If you finish the trimester, you can grab our Flexi pass for 2750kc. This pass lets you pay for 5 lessons and pop in whenever suits you best!

Classes are on:

> Tuesday (18:00-20:30)

> Wednesday morning (10:00-12:30) and evening(18:00-20:30)


Once you've chosen a day, please commit to it. If you're unable to attend, you're allowed to substitute a maximum of 2 lessons. You can attend during any other scheduled lesson time within the trimester.

So, beginner or advanced in pottery come and get muddy with us!


We also offer private lessons on the wheel from our in-house potter who has over 20 years of experience.

Contact us for more information or to register bellow.

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